Exhuberant highlights from High Point 2018 Spring Furniture Market

Notre Monde orange sofa HPMKT 2018

Notre Monde showroom

Just back from High Point Furniture Market, the largest furniture trade show in the world, and I’m overwhelmed with excitement from it all! I absolutely love what is trending now, because honestly, it is so much my taste and style that I can’t wait to implement some ideas into my clients’ interiors. I have always been a fan of blending different design styles and I avoid asking clients to define theirs. I’ll start out by mentioning that one of the highlights of the trip was, yes…meeting Donny Osmond. Promoting his collection Donny Osmond Home, I literally bumped into him strolling the hallway in the main design building and stopped and met him there, so didn’t make it to the actual meet and greet. (He was very nice and his products are great too). To stay on topic, here are other highlights and trends:

As shown above, a new vendor for us, Notre Monde, describes their look as “Bohemian Luxury”, which I adore! A nice juxtaposition of bold color with a vintage twist…perfect. They create beautiful trays and tables, offering them as artful statements.

The use of neutrals was seen everywhere, punctuated with pops of saturated jewel tones and other intense colors to add drama and focus.

CG emerald chairs and wall rug HPMKT 2018

Christopher Guy showroom

CR Laine Prince pic with orange ottos HPMKT 2018

CR Laine showroom

Ottomans and poufs added versatile seating and were in abundance; available in many different fabrics and leathers.

Ambella neutrals and coral pops

Ambella Home showroom 

Acrylic tables and furniture legs were spotted and fully upholstered furniture legs were also trending, adding uniformity to the total piece. Large ottomans replacing cocktail tables are also functional and can be used to rest a food or beverage tray on or to kick your feet up on. (Performance fabrics are great for this use).

Rugs, rugs, and more rugs! I layer carpet and rugs or add a rug over a wood or stone floor for warmth, so I spent a lot of time scouting out different quality rugs and their origins. From black & white rugs to BOLD statement ones, leave it to Kate Spade to add pizzazz to any space, as shown below.

Kate Spade rug at Jaipur Living

Kate Spade colorful rugs HPMKT 2018

Kate Spade rugs at Jaipur Living showroom

Conversely, a black & white rug can act as a background neutral while allowing other bursts of color in the room such as accessories or artwork speak to you.

Black & White rugs jaipur HPMKT 2018

Nikki Chu rugs at Jaipur Living showroom

Harp & Finial HPMKT 2018

Harp & Finial showroom

Neutral colored animal skin rugs can act as a background, in the photo above, while the pops of color from the wall art are the focal point. Harp & Finial is an exciting new vendor for us and I was inspired by the globally influenced vibe I got by walking through this space.

Other examples of neutrals such as whites, off-whites and warm taupes predominating a space with accents of lush green accessories such as murals, pillows and other shades of it into the mix.

CR Laine lime green sofa and creams HPMKT 2018

CR Laine showroom

Highland House emerald green accents and white room with mural HPMKT 2018

Highland House Furniture showroom

The pairing of hard metals with soft textures such as animal hides, furry fabrics and mohair made an impact this market, creating a very harmonious balance while adding depth to a space. Woods such as raw edge ones, hopefully, will be around for a long time.Sunpan chrome base fur top desk HPMKT 2018

Sunpan showroom

Four Hands HPMKT 2018

Four hands showroom

Classic Home raw edge wood table

Classic Home showroom

Always classic, Midcentury Modern furniture dominated a lot of the market. The style’s lines are timeless and their inviting fabrics which wrapped their frames were enticing.

Suntan lobby with velvets HPMKT 2018

Sunpan showroom

Cyan Design HPMKT 2018

Cyan Design showroom

Known for their internationally found natural fibers and hardwoods, Palecek made a big statement, showcasing it’s intricately twisted wood furniture frames and hand made beaded light fixtures. I felt like I was in my element here.

Palecek chairs and bead light HPMKT 2018

Palecek showroom

I’m out of breath, so that’s a wrap for now…I’m hoping to add post two, as this one only covered a small fraction of what was at the show.

Stay tuned. It’s been fabulous and fun!

~ Stephanie



Happy New Resolutions


Have you taken a look around your home lately? Do you feel comfortable and content in it? If not, now is the perfect time to EDIT, DECLUTTER or PUNCTUATE your space.

EDIT: make the most use out of each room. You can also repurpose rooms, nooks or spaces to make them livable or more comfortable and spacious. In my home, we’re thinking of converting our family room into the dining room. It has a fireplace and is much larger and more conducive to relaxing at a larger table while enjoying a kindling fire which is centered in the room. Add a small bench or chair to create a reading area by adding a floor lamp under a staircase that has a niche below it. Add an office area or simply place a desk in a loft space.

DECLUTTER: It’s as simple as that; get rid of stuff. Storage ottomans and benches are ideal for storing blankets, remotes, magazines and such that you don’t want in sight and the perfect way to avoid clutter. Clear a counter area in your kitchen so that you’re able to use this for displaying ice buckets, wine glasses and decorative napkins before serving guests. For every day, you’ll be pleased to have the space free of stuff. Keep your entryway simple and void of letters, papers and keys that others see right when they enter your home.

PUNCTUATE: Is a certain room or area in your home noisy? You may want to add more texture; a soft throw on a sofa, an area rug, a fabric window treatment; drapes or an upholstered cornice. There’s a plethora of amazing accent pillows available to embellish a bed or sofa. Soft textures absorb sound. Add whimsy by juxtapositioning a chandelier in a room shared with distressed woods. Another more costly option is to install cork flooring, as it is extremely acoustical and great for media and children’s rooms. Add on where necessary, and of course, after you declutter the space.

photo (24)

{photo courtesy Veranda magazine; Richard Hallberg Design}


Please note: I do not have any affiliation with Veranda magazine or Interior Design Pro. I just hapen to LOVE the above photos and wanted to share my enthusiasm with you. Please share your goals and accomplishments with me, I’d love to see them
Until next post, CHEERS!
Happy goal setting for 2014 ~ Stephanie