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Photo credit: Ashley Stark via Instagram (The outdoors is seen through the glass windows here, however, true biophilic design is actually indoors.)

Biophilic design is defined as “a concept used within the building industry to increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment through the use of direct nature, indirect nature, and space and place conditions.” It’s a means to heal the body, mind, and soul.

Not only does adding greenery and foliage give a sense of beauty indoors as well as a connection to the outdoors, but it also helps in the health and well-being of individuals. Plants help to clean the air and also provide acoustical properties to absorb sound.

A small area can be just as effective in benefitting us as larger areas can, as seen in most of the photos in this post.

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A grouping of plants in natural glass and clay pots on a table; my “tablescaping” design. Rustic, earthy and natural, thus, my hippie undertones showing through ; )

A “Moss wall art” can be aesthetically pleasing as well, emphasizing this biophilic concept shown below. It creates a tremendous amount of interest as opposed to having sharp-cornered walls that are cold and bare. Visit the website at

Green wall art that is made from live plants is often referred to as a Living Art or a Living Wall.

moss wall for blog

With the addition of plants in an interior environment, people can have a sense of calm, peace and serenity as well as mental clarity. According to an article taken from Work Design Magazine, titled “The Benefits of Plants in the Workplace”, people in spaces with plants and greenery are likely to experience psychological and physiological stress reduction, more positivity, more focused attention, improved performance on cognitive tasks and reduced pain perceptions in a health care setting.

During my annual trek to Neocon this past June at The Merchandise Mart Chicago, I wandered into the Steelcase + West Elm showroom, a collaborative effort to create office spaces. This concept was seen throughout the showroom, and quite honestly, I felt so comfortable I didn’t want to leave. (The strolling catered staff with delish appetizers may have helped with the positive mood and attitude vibe I was feeling as well).

NEOCON Steelcase and West Elm showroom

A 2015 study by the Journal of Environmental Psychology demonstrated that only 40 seconds of being exposed to nature can help with focus and concentration which reduces workplace distraction and boosts productivity.

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Photo courtesy Foliage Design Atlanta

This retail store wall at the cashier’s station exemplifies biophilic design as shown here. It’s a vertical garden which exudes health and growth. Some companies, such as Foliage Design Atlanta offer a full-service concept from product specification, installation to maintenance of the products. See more at

I do believe that this will not be a trend but is here to stay. I will stay on top of this topic and post more about its development, use, and benefits. In the meantime, stay healthy!

                                                   ~ Stephanie